Workshop Overview & Programme

The technical programme and workshop overview are available to download in PDF format:

IISW23 Technical Programme

Monday 22nd May

Workshop Welcome and Introduction

Monday 22nd May 8:45am

Session 1: 3D Stacking and Small Pixels

Monday 22nd May 9am
Session Chair: Calvin Chao (TSMC)

  • R1.1, Trends and Developments in State-of-the-Art CMOS Image Sensors,
    Presenter: John H.F. Scott-Thomas (TechInsights)
  • R1.2, High Full Well Capacity and Low Noise Characteristics in 0.6 µm Pixels via Buried Sublocal Connections in a 2-Layer Transistor Pixel Stacked CMOS Image Sensor,
    Presenter: Masataka Sugimoto (Sony Semiconductor Solutions)
  • R1.3, World smallest 200Mp CMOS Image Sensor with 0.56μm pixel equipped with novel Deep Trench Isolation structure for better sensitivity and higher CG,
    Presenter: Sungsoo Choi (Samsung Electronics)
  • R1.4, 0.56um-pitch CMOS Image Sensor for High Resolution Applications,
    Presenter: Chun Yung Ai (Omnivision)
  • R1.5, 0.64 um 200 Mp Stacked CIS with Switchable Pixel Resolution,
    Presenter: Minho Kwon (Samsung Electronics)
  • R1.6, Image sensor family with 1.40 µm pixel, 10ke- LFW, NIR-enhanced QE, dual gain readout, and low power consumption,
    Presenter: Vladi Korobov (ON Semiconductor)

Session 2: Noise

Monday 22nd May 11am
Session Chair: Manlyun Ha (DB Hitek)

  • R2.1, Hot Carrier Injection Induced Random Telegraph Noise Degradation in a 0.8um-pitch 8.3Mpixel Stacked CMOS Image Sensor,
    Presenter: Calvin Y Chao (TSMC)
  • R2.2, Gate Oxide Benchmarking For Low Frequency Noise Improvement On 3D Stacked CMOS Image Sensors,
    Presenter: Maria M Gouveia da Cunha (STMicroelectronics and ISAE-Supaero)
  • R2.3, Exploring Space-Radiation Induced Dark Signal and Random-Telegraph-Signal in a Sony IMX219 CMOS Image-Sensor,
    Presenter: Aubin Antonsanti (ISAE SUPAERO)
  • R2.4, Low Temperature Lag-induced FPN of Dual Transfer Global Shutter Pixels under Low Illumination Conditions,
    Presenter: Xiaoliang Ge (Gpixel)
  • R2.5, Reduction of RTS noise by optimizing fluorine implantation in CMOS image sensor,
    Presenter: Sungsoo Choi (Samsung Electronics)
  • R2.6, Dark Current Compensation of a CMOS Image Sensor by Using In-Pixel Temperature Sensors,
    Presenter: Accel Abarca (INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory)

Session 3: Pixel Design & Process Technology

Monday 22nd May 1:30pm
Session Chair: Bumsuk Kim (Samsung Electronics)

  • R3.1, 0.6μm F-DTI based Quad-cell with Advanced Optic Technology for All-pixel PDAF and High Sensitivity/SNR Performance,
    Presenter: Junsik Lee (Samsung Electronics)
  • R3.2, Low-noise 3-D Bending Pixel Transistor for Small Pixel CMOS Image Sensors Applications,
    Presenter: Kyoung eun Chang (Samsung Electronics)
  • R3.3, Near-infrared sensitivity enhancement of silicon image sensor with wide incident angle,
    Presenter: Atsushi Ono (Shizuoka University)
  • R3.4, Light Intensity and Charge Holding Time Dependence of Pinned Photodiode Full Well Capacity,
    Presenter: Ken Miyauchi (Brillnics Japan Inc.)
  • R3.5, Improved QE in CMOS image sensors with nano-black antireflection layer,
    Presenter: Martin Prest (The Open University)
  • R3.6, A customized 110nm CMOS process for large-area radiation detection and imaging,
    Presenter: Lucio Pancheri (University of Trento)

Posters & Flash Presentations

Monday 22nd May, 3pm Flash Presentations followed by 5pm Poster Session
Session Chairs: Pierre Magnan (ISAE-SUPAERO) & Francois Roy (STMicroelectronics)

  • P1, A 607MHz time-compressive computational pseud-dToF CMOS image sensor,
    Presenter: Pham N Anh (Shizuoka University)
  • P2, Histogram-free direct time-of-flight imaging based on a machine learning processor on FPGA,
    Presenter: Tommaso Milanese (EPFL)
  • P3, A 9-shared 3x3 Nonacell Image Sensor with 0.64μm unit pixels for Read Noise and Low-illuminance SNR enhancement,
    Presenter: Wonchul Choi (Samsung Electronics)
  • P4, Light-Emission Crosstalk Model and Dynamic Correction Algorithm for Large-Scale SPAD Image Sensors,
    Presenter: Ayman Abdelghafar (Canon)
  • P5, Optimal biasing and physical limits of DVS event noise,
    Presenter: Rui Graca (Institute of Neuroinformatics - UZH and ETH Zurich)
  • P6, Metasurface-based planar microlenses for SPAD pixels,
    Presenter: Martin Lepers (STMicroelectronics/CEA Leti)
  • P7, Flexible Spectrally-Scanning Snapshot Multispectral Imaging On Dual-Tap Coded-Exposure-Pixel CMOS Image Sensors,
    Presenter: Roberto Silva (University of Toronto)
  • P8, A SPAD-based linear sensor with in-pixel temporal pattern detection for interference and background rejection with smart readout scheme,
    Presenter: Alessandro Tontini (University of Trento)
  • P9, Count-Free Histograms with Race Logic for Single-Photon LiDAR,
    Presenter: Atul N Ingle (Portland State University)
  • P10, A Study on Two Step Reset LOFIC Pixel to Reduce SNR Gap,
    Presenter: Kazuki Tatsuta (Research Organization of Science and Engineering Ritsumeikan University)
  • P11, High Precision direct-ToF Ranging using CMOS SPAD and Ultra-short Pulsed Laser,
    Presenter: Tsai-Hao Hsu (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)
  • P12, High-speed, super-resolution 3D imaging using a SPAD dToF sensor,
    Presenter: German Mora Martin (University of Edinburgh)
  • P13, Self-Powered Ambient Light Sensor Using Energy Harvesting Pixels and Zero Power Communication.,
    Presenter: Benjamin Sarachi (ST Microelectronics)
  • P14, An Efficient Direct Time-of-Flight (dToF) LiDAR System Based on High Resolution SPAD Array,
    Presenter: Tze Ching Fung (Samsung Semiconductor Inc.)
  • P15, SLIM: Small and Learnable Image Signal Processing Module for CMOS and Quanta Image Sensors,
    Presenter: Stanley H. Chan (DeepLux Technology Inc.)
  • P16, Cyber Security for CMOS Image Sensors,
    Presenter: Boyd A Fowler (OmniVision Technologies)
  • P17, A CMOS Image Sensor With 1.6us Conversion Time 10-bits Column-Parallel Hybrid ADC Using Self-Adaptive Charge-Injection Cell,
    Presenter: Chih-Cheng Hsieh (National Tsing Hua University)
  • P18, Charge Demultiplexing for an Ultra-High-Speed Charge-Domain CMOS TDI Image Sensor with a multi-MHz Line Rate,
    Presenter: Suzy Patchett (Teledyne DALSA)
  • P19, Detecting Short-wavelength Infrared Photons by Schottky-barrier based Single Photon Avalanche Diode in 180-nm CMOS Technology,
    Presenter: Chun-Hsien Liu (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)
  • P20, A Burst Mode 20Mfps Low Noise CMOS Image Sensor,
    Presenter: Xin Yue (Dartmouth College)
  • P21, Towards Infrared Spectral Extension of CMOS Image Sensors,
    Presenter: Kaitlin M Anagnost (Dartmouth College)
  • P22, Chip-level Performance Analysis using Test Element Group Devices for indirect Time-of-Flight CMOS Image Sensor,
    Presenter: Seunghyun Lee (Samsung Electronics)
  • P23, Silicon Metalens for a fully Silicon integrated iTOF SWIR sensors,
    Presenter: Matthieu J.o. Dupre (Qualcomm Technologies Inc.)
  • P24, Toward a Photon Counting Detector for X-ray Imaging by Direct Deposition of Scintillator on 32x32 CMOS SPAD Array,
    Presenter: Jau Yang Wu (Electrical Engineering Program C, Yuan Ze University)
  • P25, Feedback Control of a Block-Wise-Controlled Image Sensor Based on Brightness Distribution Analysis,
    Presenter: Kohei Tomioka (NHK STRL)
  • P26, Analysis of Backside Illuminated CMOS pixels’ Quantum Efficiency under Ultraviolet Illumination,
    Presenter: Nour Fassi (STMicroelectronics - ISAE SUPAERO)
  • P27, Near Infrared Quantum Efficiency Simulations for CMOS Image Sensors,
    Presenter: Erez Tadmor (onsemi)
  • P28, Metasurface-based planar microlenses integrated on Back-Side Illuminated CMOS pixels,
    Presenter: Martin LEPERS (STMicroelectronics)
  • P29, A hybrid, back-illuminated image sensor for high QE visible and infrared detection,
    Presenter: Renato AD Turchetta (IMASENIC)
  • P30, On-chip narrow angle filter development,
    Presenter: Amos Fenigstein (Tower semiconductor)
  • P31, Correlations between DCR and PDP of SPAD integrated in a 28 nm FD-SOI CMOS Technology,
    Presenter: Francis CALMON ( INSA Lyon - INL)
  • P32, A new digital pixel for particle detection,
    Presenter: Nicola Massari (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
  • P33, A Study on a Feature Extractable CMOS Image Sensor for Low-Power Image Classification System,
    Presenter: Shunsuke Okura (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
  • P34, Temporal Noise Suppression Method using Noise Bandwidth Limitation for Pixel-Level Single-Slope ADC,
    Presenter: Sanggwon Lee (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. )
  • P35, The source-to-gate capacitance of the in-pixel source follower: a positive feedback during charge sensing which increases column settling time and noise voltage.,
    Presenter: Peter G Centen (PeerImaging)
  • P36, A Charge pump based TDI accumulator for CMOS Image Sensors,
    Presenter: Rahul Kumar Singh (IIT Delhi)
  • P37, Understanding 3D imaging performance in sensors with angle-sensitive pixels,
    Presenter: Pascal Gregoire (Airy3D)
  • P38, A SPAD based TAC Pixel with Logarithmic and Linear Multi-mode Operation for Compressed LiDAR Ranging by Direct ToF Measurement,
    Presenter: Kapil Jainwal (Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai)
  • P39, A back-illuminated full-frame low-noise HDR 8μm, 12Mpixel, 34fps image sensor for industrial, medical and scientific applications,
    Presenter: Adria Bofill-Petit (IMASENIC)
  • P41, Front- / Backside Illuminated Low Noise Embedded CCD image sensor with Multi Level Anti Blooming functionality,
    Presenter: Olaf M. Schrey (Fraunhofer Institute of Microelectronic Circuits and Systems)
  • P42, High Dynamic Range Pinned Photodiode Pixel with Floating Gate Readout and Dual Gain,
    Presenter: Konstantin Stefanov (The Open University)
  • P43, Ultra-sensitive CMOS image sensor capable of operating down to 200 ulx at 60 fps,
    Presenter: Pierre Fereyre (Teledyne e2v)
  • P44, Evolution of a 4.6 μm, 512×512, ultra-low power stacked digital pixel sensor for performance and power efficiency improvement,
    Presenter: Rimon Ikeno (Brillnics Japan Inc.)
  • P40 Withdrawn

Tuesday 23rd May

Session 4: HDR and Automotive

Tuesday 23rd May 8:45am
Session Chair: Jan Bogaerts (Gpixel)

  • R4.1, A 3.0µm-pixels and 1.5µm-pixels combined CMOS Image Sensor for Viewing and Sensing applications with 106dB Dynamic Range, High-Sensitivity, LED-Flicker Mitigation and Motion Blur-less,
    Presenter: Satoko Iida (Sony Semiconductor Solutions)
  • R4.2, Automotive CMOS Image Sensor Family with 2.1um LFM pixel, 150 dB Dynamic Range and High Temperature Stability,
    Presenter: Manuel Innocent (onsemi)
  • R4.3, Automotive 2.1 μm Full-Depth Deep Trench Isolation CMOS Image Sensor with a Single-Exposure Dynamic-Range of 120 dB,
    Presenter: Dongsuk Yoo (Samsung Electronics)
  • R4.4, 110dB High Dynamic Range Continuous Non-Uniform TTS and Linear ADC Scheme Using A 4.6 μm Stacked Digital Pixel Sensor,
    Presenter: Toshiyuki Isozaki (Brillnics Japan Inc.)
  • R4.5, A 5MPixel Image Sensor with 3.45um Dual Storage Global Shutter BSI Pixel with 90dB DR,
    Presenter: Tomas Geurts (Omnivision)
  • R4.6, A High Dynamic Range APS-C Sized 8K 120-fps Stacked CMOS Image Sensor,
    Presenter: Wesley Cotteleer (GPixel)

Session 5: Smart and Event-based Imagers

Tuesday 23rd May 10:45am
Session Chair: Vladi Korobov (On Semiconductor)

  • R5.1, A 90dB single-shot HDR, 0.5MP global-shutter image sensor with NIR QE enhancement, 20mW power consumption and smart event detection modes,
    Presenter: Adi Xhakoni (ams OSRAM)
  • R5.2, An InGaAs Multi-Functional Fast SWIR Imager with Event-based and Laser Multi-spot Sensing,
    Presenter: Claudio G Jakobson (SCD)
  • R5.3, Guided Flash Lidar: A Laser Power Efficient Approach for Long-Range Lidar,
    Presenter: Filip Taneski (University of Edinburgh)
  • R5.4, FAD-SPADs: a New Paradigm for Designing Single-Photon Detecting Arrays,
    Presenter: Mel White (Rice University)
  • R5.5, Pixel Modeling and Parameter Extraction for Event-based Vision Sensors,
    Presenter: Andreas Suess (Omnivision)
  • R5.6, Exploiting Alternating DVS Shot Noise Event Pair Statistics to Reduce Background Activity Rates,
    Presenter: Brian J Mcreynolds (AFIT/CI, Institute of Neuroinformatics, UZH/ETH Zurich)

Social Trips

Tuesday 23rd May 1pm.

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